Student Information


Final evaluations are scheduled for June 20 - 27, 2017.

Students who miss final evaluations will be given a mark of zero (0) for that evaluation. Please do not schedule any activitied that would take your child out of the school on any of these dates.

Incidental Fees

All students pay a Student Activity Fee in cash when they pick up their timetable. The fee pays for the following items:

    • A yearbook 
    • An agenda book and planning calendar 
    • A fridge magnet 
    • Access to all student activities, subsidized and sponsored teams, leadership groups, clubs and events, including: dances, the Formal and all school spirit activities 

Locks and Lockers

Each student will be assigned a locker for the storage of learning materials, gym and outdoor clothing and other personal belonging. Before the first day of classes students shousd purchase a Dudley brand combination lock. The school does not sell locks. Locks that use keys are not permitted. Students must use only the locker assigned to them and must keep their lock combination confidential. Lockers are not to be shared by students.

Physical Education Uniforms

Students are required to wear a regulation physical education uniform and may purchase it in the boys' and girls' gym offices during the first week of the semester that they are taking physical education. The cost of the uniform package is $35.00.