Student Services Programs

Peer Support Team

The Peer Support Team consists of students who help other students at Laurier CI.  Members of the Peer Support Team act as student ambassadors who take new students on tours around the school, introduce them to new people and expose them to various clubs or organizations that may be of interest to them.  Students on the Peer Support Team also act as peer mediators who help students to resolve conflicts.  Peer Support Team members are also trained in mental health and well-being awareness.  Students can be nominated to join.


#Stress-Ed is a group counselling program that helps students develop strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.  Nomination forms for this program are available in Student Services or students can speak to their Guidance Counsellor.


Laurier’s girls’ group, uniquely dubbed Girl’Space, is designed to develop girls’ self-esteem, build their self-efficacy, discuss pertinent issues facing girls, and advocate for girls in the school and community.  This empowering program is a unique opportunity for girls to meet in a fun, safe, supportive, all-girl environment and make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.  Nomination forms to participate in this program are available in Student Services.

 The Blueprint Boys’ Group

The Blueprint is an all-boys group program that addresses the issues facing young men, particularly as they pertain to their personal, academic and professional development. Issues that are addressed in the group include, but are not limited to, building self-esteem, male body image, healthy relationships, and leadership skills.  This program also has a mentorship component.  Nomination forms to participate in this program are available in Student Services.