SHSM Business

What is it?

Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI has been approved by the Ministry of Education to offer a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program in Business.  It is a fully fundedprogram that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector (Business), while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school.  SHSM provides students with six industry certifications within the business sector and valuable work experience through the co-op program, graduating with a Business SHSM designation (Red Seal – Industry Recognized) on their diploma.  Students in the SHSM program will be prepared for success in the business sector, and will choose a pathway destination, whether it be University, College, Apprenticeship or the Workplace. 

What are the benefits to you?

  • Receive SIX  recognized Business certifications in CPR, First Aid, WHMIS, Customer Service, Counterfeit Detection and Management Leadership
  • Receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a Red Seal affixed on your Diploma
  • A SHSM record documenting achievements (Six certifications, Reach Aheads, etc.)
  • Formal recognition on the Ontario Student Transcript
  • Reach Ahead and practical experience through career fairs, industry and education tours, co-op, etc.
  • Scholarships provided by some colleges/universities to SHSM students 

How does it work? 

  • Students in Grade 10 will apply for the SHSM program. The program is a two-year commitment in grades 11 and 12.
  • Take four Major credits (minimum of one in Grade 11 and one in Grade 12)
  • Take two English credits (one in Grade 11 and one in Grade 12) 
  • Take two Math credits (one in Grade 11 and one in Grade 12)
  • Take two credit co-op (recommended in Grade 11) to gain work experience within the Business sector
  • Receive six Business recognized certifications
  • Participate in Reach Aheads and Experiential Opportunities  

How do I apply for the SHSM program? 

  • Speak to the SHSM Coordinator (Mr. Hirji) in the Business Department.
  • During course selection, view the required courses for the Business SHSM program.


Please refer to the pathway chart below that summarizes all the required courses for the Business SHSM program, based on the four destinations.



Pathways Chart


Major Credits 

Grade 11 and Grade 12 


4 in Total:

Minimum of 1 Grade 11

and 1 Grade 12 course 


Grade 11

Grade 12

GPP30   – Leadership and Peer support

BAF3M  – Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BMI3C  – Marketing

BDI3CE – Entrepreneurship: The Venture

CLU3M  – Understanding Canadian Law

TEJ3M   – Computer Engineering Technology

TDJ3M  – Technological Design

TGJ3M  – Digital Design and Videography

TGG3M – Communications Technology:Print/Graphic

BAT4M  – Financial Accounting Principles

BBB4M  – International Business

BOH4M  – Business Leadership Fundamentals

BDV4C   – Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning

CIA4U    – Analyzing Current Economic Issues

CLN4U   – Canadian and International Law

TEJ4M   – Computer Engineering Technology

TGJ4M   – Digital Design and Videography

TGG4M  – Communications Technology

IDC4O    – Sports and Entertainment Marketing

English Credits


ENG3C – English (College)

ENG3U – English (University)

ENG3E – English (Workplace)


ENG4C – English (College)

ENG4U – English (University)

ENG4E – English (Workplace)


Math Credits


MBF3C – Foundations for College Mathematics

MCF3M – Functions and Applications

MCR3U – Functions

MEL3E  – Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life 

MAP4C –  Foundations for College Mathematics

MDM4U –  Mathematics of Data Management

MHF4U  –  Advanced Functions

MCV4U  –  Calculus and Vectors

MEL4E   –  Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life

Co-op Credit

(2 in Total)

2 Credit Co-op – Business Focus placement

(* Recommended to be taken in Grade 11)